Love Big Dream Big

  • I am a committed psychologists and psychotherapists with more than 5 years in the clinical field working with a variety of different  populations including children, adolescents  and adults 
  • I have worked  more than  10 years in the Social Health area   as family educator, social instructor for disable population (including special needs educator)  and social worker in residential care for young people. 
  • In 2006 I obtained the  Bachelor Degree in  Psychology , by the Autonomous University of Madrid,with Upper Honours specialized  in the Clinical and Educational field.  In 2007 i finished  a Master in Behavioral Therapy awarded by the Therapeutic Institute of Madrid,   imparted by the  researcher Dr. Maria Xesus Frojan where I completed  research on an  individual cases. 

  •   I am full member of The Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI) M-9859 and a Professional member of the Association for Contextual Behavioural Science (ABCS)While working privately with adults I realized  behavioural therapy was limited when trying to bring about the expected change for the patient in the long term.While looking for answers I found  third-generation contextual therapies, and in concrete ACT,  could go further and indeed it did.   I carried on the Master in Contextual Therapies: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and FAP (functional analytic psychotherapy) at the ACT Institute of Madrid between 2011-13. I must add the contextual therapies have been and are still probing long term outcomes and its  international recognition increases in due time In  the period 2013-14 i studied the Master in Functional Analyses in Clinical Contexts ( specialized in the childhood area) by  the Autonomous University of Almería, imparted by the internationally  recognized researcher  Carmen Luciano.

  • Human nature, language, human behavior, and their suffering … are themes that  have always attracted me, to wonder about them and  look for the answers, as if they were particular mysteries of life there to be discovered
  • I hope to be able to go along with you, place myself just beside you in order to see better what you see,  feel what might be being in your skin, and to  be able to guide you as best as i can in your journey.