Supervisions for Psychologist and Health Profesionals

The cost of a supervision session is 60 euros. Each supervision session lasts 60 min

Drop us an email at: requesting supervisional sessions


Supervisions are based on the third generation ACT and FAP contextual therapies mainly, dialectical therapy, and behavioral analysis for basic patterns based on a classical or operational conditioning. One or other focus will depend at the end on the individual and his/her problematic pattern.

 Part of other approaches such as gestalt, humanistic and integrative therapy complement with their approach and tools to particular learnings and rules according to the individual case and complement too with their specific techniques.

Since 2018, I supervise the evolution and the intervention process of other mental health professionals in the  private (psychologists, psychotherapists, doctors and social workers).

Supervisions help to be more aware of oneself as a therapist and as a person, to be potential modelers of the behavior of the person (their rules, ways of perceiving, feeling, reactions etc) who is in front of you in the room looking for… something.

The supervision sessions are also intended to:

• learn to be more present in the therapeutic moment

• be more present for the client and their needs in each present, and for the contents or barriers that oneself brings as a person in the interaction with the client

• to be more capable of detecting those personal barriers that we have and that prevent us from seeing certain relevant patterns or functions in the client, in the interaction with him/her  and therefore,  to better distance ourselves from our own barriers in order

• to react in a more flexible and adaptive way to each client and at each moment. Being  in a better disposition to feel … empathize, grasp the functions that appear in the session and within the interaction

• Learn to recognize what can be most useful at each  moment in the interaction with the client or patient

In this way, with practice and with the help of supervisions, psychotherapists or health professionals can benefit by acquiring a greater capacity for adaptation and flexibility over time, fundamental to adapt to the needs and peculiarities that each individual case demands. To be flexible like bamboo, to bend to the level of the person that is in front of us so that we are in a better disposition  to see, feel, understand … and from there and only from this ground … to take off, and begin to create, something together