Online Psychotherapy

  • Prices
  • Payment for online psychotherapy
  • Procedures and steps to start
  • Effectiveness of online therapy vs. face to face psychotherapy
  • Ethical and Legal Considerations in Psychotherapy Online.


Run through the platform Google Meets and Doxy: our online sessions are secure systems that ensures privacy and security, with data  encrypted in transit, IETF security standards and HIPAA compliant.

• 50 euro individual adult

• Package of 6 sessions for 270 euro

• 30 euro for unemployed or students

• 20 euro for elder persons

Please note that paying  is required prior to the start of each session.

 Payments for Online Psychotherapy

Online Adults



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Students or Unemployed Online



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Elder over 63 years



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Adolescents 16/17 years



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Procedures and Steps to start online sessions:

  1. Send us an email to to book for an appointment
  2. We will send you a link via email with a date and time where the virtual appointment session will take place. You will only have to click on this link in your email in the date and time scheduled for the online appointment. We will also attach the terms and conditions to be read and signed

If you decide to take Psychotherapy Online Sessions please it is very important to adjust to the following steps before the first  online session:  

  1.      Use a laptop, PC or  Mac/PC/Linux/Chromebook with camera, microphone, and speakers. Ensure that they work correctly for the first session at least.  When possible do the videocalls from  your laptop or computer, not from a mobile
  2. Make sure your speed internet is at a minimum of 3 Mbs or 300 Kbps download and upload speeds

You can check your internet speed very easily  by typing into google: “speed test” in the google bar and clicking in the first or second page and following the steps of the page, it is quick to do.

3. Run the online sessions  in a private room to avoid noise, to keep privacy  and to  feel comfortable

4. Use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari (latest release versions)

4.2 Update if you can your browser: Chrome browser, Mozilla etc. to the latest version (by clicking on the 3 points on the top right, clicking on “settings” and in the sidebar on the left, scrolling down and clicking  at the bottom all the way down to “chrome information”)

Effectiveness of Online session vs.  face to face therapy


Psychotherapy Online


What is transmitted through the screen reflects like clear water our worlds

The more research is focused in analyzing the effectiveness in the long term between psychotherapy online vs. face to face sessions the more studies  are showing similar results with no significant difference between face to face psychotherapy and online psychotherapy:



Ethical and Legal Considerations in Psychotherapy Online:

“Whenever an online client is receiving psychotherapy  in a virtual world, his or her problems are still very much real” (Poh Li et al., 2013, p.1250)

At any practice of psychotherapy be it face-to-face or online, professionals must always make room for ethical and legal practice.  Both face-to-face and virtual relationship should be treated with the highest ethical professionalism.

It is important to note that Psychotherapy Online is not suitable for individuals who might present danger to themselves or others, such  serious substance abusers and those presenting psychotic or active suicidal ideation(Carlbring & Andersson, 2006).

In relation to crisis situations, intervention should not be addressed online but encouraged to seek face- to-face psychotherapy.

Take into account that some professionals without sufficient formation tend to offer online psychotherapy services as it is easy to access, and that scam is much easier to constrain in the anonymous online form (Barak, 1999)

 On the other hand, there can  be a different application of laws when  the client resides in a different jurisdiction than the therapist does  (Kanani & Regehr, 2003). So it is recommendable to cover both differences.

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