Psychology for Life

Our Purpose and Committment

  • High quality Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy based in the last advances within the field of Contextual Therapies and Behaviourism
  • ACT, FAP, Mindfulness Therapies
  • See more at: Who I am  and  Philosophy: Functional Contextualism
  • Easy Safe Online sessions without registering. Only clicking the link sent by email . Through a platform  compliant with  HIPAA

We seek to create…

greater understanding of yourself that allows you to see the connections of your history, your actions and its impact on your life and the things you value or love

         Long term  Impact in yourself and your life 

That makes you Grow   and  flourish even when life circumstances get hard and difficult   

        Transform in some way your  suffering, creating a sense of purpose or meaning that outstands over the pain

Our work with You

  • Compassionate Aproach that understand human being suffering and nature of problems:  Based on Functional Contextualistic Philosophy and Empirical Contextual 3rd generation Therapies (Philosophy: Functional Contextualism)
  • Confidential
  • Affordable: Payments & Conditions 
  • Individually Adapted : To be effective in the long term, both Assessment and Intervention depend  on an accurate exhaustive vision of your individual circumstances of life, your unique   life  history that has built up in many ways, your way of seeing the world, the others and yourself. This is why a good evaluation between 2-4 sessions is carried out in order to dispose od an asjusted intervention that with more likelihood will be adjusted and effective in your case   to provoke the aimed change
  • Evaluation and Intervention are intertwined and constantly feeding each other most of the time in therapy process

High Qualified and Trained

  • Trained to masters level in  Clinical Psychology   based on the ultimate advances in Contextual Therapies
  • Fully insured and accredited by the Psychological Society of Ireland and  with the Contextual Science Behaviour Association
  • More than 9 years working in the field
  • Having overcome process of clinical supervision by researchers.

Book and contact : Psychology for Life

00353 879945107 

Adults, Adolescents,  Children (3-12 years) and elder population


Payments & Conditions :: Psychology for Life

  • 35 euro for Unemployed and Students, 25 euro for  people older than 64 years
  • 40 euro for Children and Adolescents  and 55 euro per session for Adults
  • 55 euro Online Therapy for Adults and Parents

A Start, People suffer

Etymon Psychology and Psychotherapy based in South  Dublin helps hundreds of people through a wide myriad of problems or  difficulties.

People seek psychotherapy or counselling for many different reasons (could be “Stress, “Anxiety”,  Depression, Bereavement or Addiction ….) 

But like you, we wonder, wander, trip over, and  stand up or not … You may be  struggling with life, how your are supposed to live it, with your  thoguhts or feelings your try to get rid off.  You might feel lost and stuck and find no menaing to  many things , even for who you are or you are  supposed to be. It may  feel like it is hard to live up in nowadays world with  all of its  demands, coldness and expectations . You may feel that life is not the way you expected  to be 

 You may have tried already some things to get help from different people, partners, friends or family but doesn’t help

You may feel like you want to talk to another human being confidentially, without judgement, to be understood in another level and say what is really going on for you , what is not, your story about why not, that story you tell yourelf so many times…

You may also want to express your suffering, what you lost in life, your  deep longings  or the frustration for wanting to get some things but seeing again and again that  you don´t get there. You might wish to find new ways of expressing yourself., of thinking, behaving or living 

I want to listen your story  nut moreover   to listen to  you, the person who suffers  behind the story