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psychotherapy dublin face to face

I would say that almost inevitably in life the pang of pain reaches us sooner or later to each of us , in one way or another, with more or less intensity but enough …

I thought that wouldn’t reach me, that I´d end up living a happy life, being who I wanted to be… And now I find that I have managed so long to keep the pain at bay, to keep myself  afloat..But it arrived, surprisingly on a Sunday afternoon over a period of time in a bad time, epoch… or permeated… little by  little as a subtle drip until being filled… Doubts assail us, uncertainty fills us, we discover hell, we feel fear, of losing things, of letting go … of drifting away. 

psychotherapy dublin face to face

A storm happens , it turns our sky and everything we know gray, black, threatening; .but it happens too that , when the storm  finally occurs and develops ,unfolds,  the storm clears…

We believe from the perspective of the functional contextualism, that  the individual (and all his repertoire: way of thinking, feeling, beliefs, self-concept, dreams-values-hopes, and ways of reacting in relation to all the above) is constantly changing with time,   and is a whole unit in time: a thought evokes a reaction, an emotion and a  behavior, the behavior make us reflect and think evoking a new reaction or a new chain of behaviours and so on in interaction with the past history of the person.  On the other hand, we are the result of our past history, our particular  learning history which can explain  the actual suffering. Any behavior we emit is not and it can not be independent from our own circumstances of life or  past influences; we behave, dream, think or feel in relation to our learning, learnt dreams, our learnt self-conception…

• In this way we do not divide the individual, his feelings or thoughts as independent entities of each other,  neither from the leaning story they are part of. We assess the story of the individual to grasp a deeper and  wider understanding of the root or etymon of his  actual suffering and pattern.

psychotherapy dublin face to face

• Another different  perspective that characterize us, is our conception of suffering or psychological pain, as it is seen as part of the life process. We  all put many effort in feeling well and avoid suffering, learning  to do so  from the culture  we live in. In many cases is the adaptive thing to do but…Is it suffering is a condition  of being human, of having language and thoughts? The capacity of imagining dreams, other possibilities, seems to be  the capacity of imagining its loss too. Does happiness lasts  under our grasp always ? you, dear lector, basing  yourself solely  on your own experience would you say you have really got rid off the pain, of the thoughts or feelings you did not want to feel… Adult psychology face to face and online for crises prevention intervention in suffering of all kinds.

When do you might need psychological help?

All adults might need psychological help at some stage of their lives when dealing with life difficulties in interaction with our personal barriers (fears, strict rules-believes that do not allow us to see…), and more  when for that other kind of skills that we haven’t learn are key.

At the end  a person finally seeks help when their suffering is high and experiment significant valued costs or losses  in their lives for certain patterns developed in time

The first person who has to decide if getting psychological help  is ideally   one-self and not anyone else. It can happen sometimes that families or friends who cares about the person encourage the person to receive this help  but if the decision does not come mainly from the client,  the intervention will be weak and unfertile  as the capacity to change, comes inherently and solely from the choices we take  freely.

When you feel you need it.

adults Psychology

Unlike children, we adults have tried many times to bring solutions to our own pains and life problems by  over-thinking a situation-problem or to get to something we want to get but with the frequent result of  getting lost or not feeling  finding the solution. Doing this  gives  us the sensation that  we are resolving or controlling  a problem and getting what we want at least for a while. Many times of course thinking is a great tool to find solutions or improve our lives but when over-thinking is applied to certain things… in the long term can also apart us from life too, and other valued things.

What kind of difficulties we end up involved in?

We treat and intervene any kind of form of human suffering, which encompasses any psychological problem including personality disorders, which are not of a different nature that any  other problematic pattern of adult psychology.

All the following listed difficulties or psychological problems that an adult could experience can be all,  span, be included or encompassed  under the label or title “Human Suffering”: We value and tackle in best way by our committed psychologists and psychotherapists

  • Anxiety , social anxiety
  • Over-thinking and rumination
  • Generalized anxiety
  • Stuttering
  • Death and loss
  • Marital problems
  • Difficulties in relationships
  • Sexual Disorders
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Fears, specific phobias
  • Anti-social or avoidant behaviours
  • Pain disorders: fibromyalgia
  • Dependence
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Schizophrenia disorder
  • Psychotic symptoms-behaviours
  • Post-traumatic Disorder
  • Tics
  • Agoraphobia
  • Borderline or histrionic behaviours
  • Difficulties in getting/keeping a job
  • Loss of sense or meaning, lack of motivation
  • Obsessions, OCD, ritual-behaviours, rigid behaviours
  • Anger management, aggressive behaviours
  • Addictions (gambling, alcohol, smoking, drugs, technology…)
  • Sadness or depression, lack of energy and will to do things we enjoyed
  • Eating disorders: bulimia, anorexia, body dysmorphic perception…

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