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Psychology for Life from the Etymon

Have you ever been able to  notice the gentle movement of a tree when  its twigs and branches are moving with the wind … that sad day when you sit  crying without console?

In that hard day when all seemed the same… when nothing seemed to change, to change for better… You did not why that subtle movement of the branches and its leaves  of few trees in front of you at some distance…. caught you for a while… It wasn´t that the pain disappeared but those flexible branches those trees that let the wind move through them,  like a soft flute  dance  with the breeze, changed the crying… within that instant… did it  make you stop from something? Did it made the crying or struggling different without understanding why?  and even after when you try to remember the pain or how unfair or meaningless  or…life was… was it the same?     What those trees and their branches told while moving… what the wind whispered through them in that moment at that  time to the soul…?    

If you have wanted to evade from all, and for a while looked at the sky and the extreme parts of the branches and leaves were  like floating moving  fingers against the backstage of the  sky, a sensation of dizziness and of missing the balance would came with it…  making us believe and sense the unstable levity in which the trees live   It can happens that in the same way we lose the sight of  the ground, the origin… from where the tree takes its strength from the earth where he is attached, from some kind of roots where he belonged once.  

What about the trees that have been twisted or weakened by the inclement weather?   Sometimes  nothing is what  it seems to be. Other trees hide  secrets,  not revealed from the outside, about what they were once, that could be still there…   will you struggle against the whimsical weather? convinced that in doing it you will get rid of the struggle itself? Would you rather be able to dance? with the weather?

Whatever the harshness of life might bring even  amidst the worse weather  what if we would learn ..if we would want and/or act… to continue growing… reaching our stars? Where do we look at? where do we act towards? in which direction we act, build and grow ?

The metaphor we have chosen to refer to human being and its suffering is the tree, to highlight in an easier way how a person´s believes, thoughts, rules, emotions…have an origin, a root, that develop, change, as the tree grows, and how there are elements: roots, the act of growing for the trunk in connection to its root and ground (the environment we learn from, our past learning) story that influences us in how the tree is going to be and grow and how it will do so in interaction with  life  difficulties-the whimsical weather

Sometimes the rigidity of our own rules and beliefs, and the fears behind,  make us react avoiding life/ourselves or “fighting” life/and ourselves
What if the answer is not in the fight, not in escaping.. what if in ourselves is hidden the key, the capacity to be flexible too as the branches  and leaves of a tree without losing the connection with an origin, an essence.